Auctio proves out a winning strategy to include in your sales and marketing plans

Auctio recently launched a new program on its own platform and early results are demonstrating a dramatic impact to sales efforts, without spiking costs.

With this new program, sales efforts that were being driven by 2 people are now supported by over 150 people advocating for the product. Many users of the platform initially joined the program as referrers interested in earning incentives and saw enough value to start their own programs. Some of the most attractive components of the Auctio platform driving this transition were transparency around the process for all users and full visibility of key performance metrics for reporting and optimization.

The programs that have been set up vary, and include those that focus on just engaging internal employees as well as others that allow for any external contact to submit referrals, such as channel partners.

With incentives being tied to revenue driven success metrics Auctio has been able to exponentially drive new leads without increasing overhead costs across all program types. The Auctio analytics dashboard in the platform is showing the high engagement being a result of the incentives tied to each program, with over 75% of the referrers being considered “Active”. Referrals have proven to be top converting sales leads in industry reports, and the Auctio platform is producingconversion rates as high as 55%, which is significantly higher than most other sales and marketing tactics.

We are proud to share this strategy and its results. Learn more about how Auctio can be a winning strategy to increase your sales efforts without increasing your budget for additional headcount.