Celebrating Tech Innovation

A couple of weeks ago Auctio was featured by American Entrepreneurship among 400 startup companies at the fourth annual New York TechDay at Pier 92 in Manhattan.

TechDay is a “massive science fair for startups”, and is a gathering for new technology driven companies to me among a pool of tech enthusiasts looking to celebrate emerging venture. Among the companies were thousands of attendees there to collaborate, learn and make connections.

With all of the amazing new technologies out there that were showcased, the obvious goal of participation in an event like this is to tout what you do, why you’re unique, and ultimately pitch the business to people in hopes 1) they will either use it, or 2) they will tell someone else about it. And that’s really the foundation of all sales and marketing efforts at any company, startup or not.

Conferences, as mentioned before in our post “Making new contacts work for you long term” are one of the best ways to engage new prospects, but it requires follow up and a plan to leverage those advocates. With an opportunity landscape like this of 10,000 people, there are a lot of connections to be made, and potential referrers for your company if you give people an easy way to advocate for you, and of course motivate them through incentives.

TechDay was the perfect stage for Auctio to really showcase the technology behind the platform, in an environment with people hungry to leverage new connections.

What conferences are on your agenda for the year and what does your strategy look like outside of just capturing leads for a nurture campaign?

Making new contacts is the first step. Having a tool in place like Auctio to turn those contacts into new referrers motivated to drive you new business will ensure you see a maximum return from your time spent at the event.

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